Daily Archives: February 3, 2011

So What Are You Saying?

Just this morning, over coffee, I was randomly pondering the impact of what I’ll call “indirect language”.  It’s kind of like “body language” but in a written format.  For  example, if I send you question via email/text that is short and followed by a train of question marks, am I implying frustration??????? (pun intended)  Oh, and we can’t ignore the ongoing exclamation points!!!!! (That would mean I’m really excited, right?)  Then there’s my favorite show of mixed emotion: “!?!?!?!?”  and the lingering pause indicated by the popular “dot dot dot”…..

But what does it all mean?  What does your indirect language mean to you?  How do you interpret that of others?

While you’re thinking, you may also be interested in another conversation hosted by Forbes Woman that I saw on FaceBook this morning, discussing women and body language. 

I’d love to hear your comments.