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Why I HireAlexis

A couple of months ago a friend emailed me a Harvard Business Review article on personal social media strategy. He’d read the article and was interested to hear my thoughts on the information and strategies discussed. Feeling bad about my delayed follow up I vowed to read the article while on travel this past weekend. After doing so, I must start by saying that this article is certainly complete without my commentary. Full of insightful references and good advice, I intend to use it as a springboard for action with my own social media development.

One piece of advice the writer offers is specific instruction NOT to outsource your social media management. Reason being: your online profile must be an authentic representation of your offline self and is therefore not a project that should be delegated. Organizations with pre-determined branding, engagement, and teaching goals may benefit from a separate (outsourced or internal) social media management team. However to the contrary, personal social media profiles should be self-administered and organically developed with a strategic focus in order to retain authenticity and reap the most benefit.

Thus we reach the hurdle that so many entrepreneurs stumble upon, which is: finding time to “learn it” and “get it all done” (you never finish) all while making sure you’re doing it well.

So, what’s an already “multi-focused” professional to do?

When I HireAlexis, I consciously make the quality and growth of my business, a priority. By allocating time and resources to ASmithNGPS-specific business goals, I approach my own enterprise with the same vigor and innovation that I offer my clients. This seems simple, if not obvious, in theory; but the application of the theory (the actual practice) requires a discipline that is not always easily harnessed after a long day or week of billable client hours. This “dedication to personal purpose” can be even more challenging if time compels a choice between doing your own homework or taking on an additional paying project. (More opportunities than time is a good problem to have….)

Now usefully apparent, hiring Alexis (myself) prepares me to make that tough choice by outlining (in advance) the space needed for necessary projects or objectives that demand personal “non-outsourced” attention (ie. social media management). With my calendar now accounting for all priority projects (both personal and client) in a more precise manner, I am better able to transition my productive energy from a clients’ action items to my own agenda with very little lag-time. This semi-formal process keeps me in the spirit of work and, in an organized way, allows me to give due attention to my own professional itinerary with limited distraction and loss of valuable time.

Submitted For Your Consideration: If you have ever been disappointed with the hire of an “assistant” to whom you intended to delegate your “housekeeping” tasks and/or cooperative research and development on a idea you have, then you probably know the sting of cutting a check for services that (though, likely well-intentioned) somehow missed the mark. In which case, you’ve not only invested your time but also your money.

Think twice before outsourcing work that reflects you or your company’s best in service. This is why, I HireAlexis. Some things simply cannot be delegated.

Note: For more information on preparing to delegate work, check out “Six Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Hiring A Consultant”