Daily Archives: May 17, 2011

Using Email The Way Nature Intended

I’ve mentioned at least once or twice before how important it is to structure your day and your space (mental and physical) so that you balance your need to be appropriately “proactive” and “reactive”.  

The Official Windows Magazine published a list of “10 Ways to Get More From Your Email” that I thought was very helpful in addressing what happens to be a primary culprit in the daily distraction line-up.   EMAIL MANAGEMENT…..

Here is an excerpt of the first three tips offered.  Click the link at the end for the full article.

1 GET YOUR EMAIL ORGANIZED Instead of keeping everything you receive piled up in your inbox, why not sort it all into folders? Folders help clear the clutter and make it easier to find important things in the future

2 USE MANY ADDRESSES You can reduce the amount of unwanted email you receive by having more than one address. For example, you might have one email you give to friends and one for online shops.

3 LET YOUR PC SORT IT (or do it yourself) Wouldn’t it be brilliant if incoming emails were automatically colour-coded for easy identification, or if they filed themselves in the appropriate folders?
Read more: Get more from email http://www.officialwindowsmagazine.com/guides/windows-7/10-ways-to-get-more-from-your-email/#ixzz1McNZhWg4