Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas

One of my favorite online marketing resources to share is ConstantContact, so I was happy to see that ConstantContact CEO Gail Goodman has offered her expertise with Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas for Social Media” via a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article.  Below is a quick excerpt and the link to her full article.  Thank you, Gail.

From the full article: “In this age of hyper-speed marketing, it’s most likely time that you start adding ‘mini campaigns’ to your year-long marketing plans. Think of these as quick hits that fill in the gaps between your major marketing efforts. Here are six examples of ways to spice up your year-long marketing campaign without investing a lot of time and resources:”

1. Respond to Current Events — Engage customers over social media by sparking dialog around news or events that relate to your field or industry.

2. Introduce a New Product or Service — Enhancements to your business provide ample reasons to reach out to customers with mini marketing bursts.

3. Invite Customers to a Special Promotion, Demonstration or Event — You don’t have to plan months in advance to invite customers to a product demonstration, open house or another impromptu event.

4. Share a New Company or Customer Video — Producing video can be fun, easy and, most importantly, engaging.

5. Give Thanks in a Customer Appreciation Message — It never hurts to tell customers, “We just wanted to thank you.”

6. Offer a Free Report, Tips or Other Timely Information — You don’t always have to ask customers for their business. Sometimes, you’ll want to give back.


About the Author: Gail Goodman is the CEO of Constant Contact, a Web-based provider of email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and online survey tools for small businesses. She’s also a recognized small-business expert and speaker.


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