Get “E-Inspired” with HireAlexis (Blog Challenge)

This weekend….I saw a post from E3Woman shared by Corporate Mom Dropouts that inspired me to action.  Today….. I accepted the opportunity and tomorrow….I start.

Start what?

I am happy to share that I have accepted the 26 Day “E3WBlog!” Blogging Challenge and will be disciplining myself to blog daily on topics of interest to my audience and me.  The challenge requires those who register to blog and comment on other blogs daily throughout the month of June and, as far as I can tell, the challenge is open to all who will accept.  Plus, not only is there no fee, but the daily action items and related discipline are almost guaranteed to make a positive impact on your marketing efforts (can you say “all profit”) ….if you stay true to the parameters of the challenge and couple your blogging with other daily practices that increase your professional credibility and network visibility.

Need more reason to join the challenge?  How about a direct invitation from me to you? HireAlexis encourages you to join the blog challenge as a participant as well as a reader/commenter of the co-participant blogs that will be connected through this event.

Here’s some food for thought as you make up your mind:  Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of the Guerrilla Marketing Series says: “I hate to admit this, but mediocre marketing WITH commitment works better than brilliant marketing without commitment.”

Here’s to new challenges, new connections, 

and new successes!


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