Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

Fill Your Pipeline – Today (on a ZERO Budget)

We’ve all heard varying insightful perspectives on the saying “time is money.”  When it comes to business, I side with the simple statement: Time is money.

The good news is, if you have “no money”, you can substitute a commitment of your time and effort to reach many of the same tangible goals in your business, especially as it relates to your marketing efforts.

There are five major hurdles along “Marketing Street” that I can share with you along with specific action steps to overcome each.  Today, let’s start from the beginning:

The first  major “road block” (chronologically speaking) consultants usually face when it comes to their marketing is “filling the pipeline.” Here are a few “FREE” (remember time instead of money) things you can do TODAY to make a difference:

* Write and practice a “cold-calling” script.  (No one I know likes to cold call and you may be able to avoid it, but having this language familiar and speaking it confidently WILL pay off, even in casual conversations. Think preliminary “elevator speech”….)

* Actually call (no email, this time) three “warm” leads.  Remember to send follow-up emails in reference to your conversation and provide any additional information you’ve promised.

*Ask someone you’ve done business with (any good business, not necessarily “this” business) for a referral.

*Find an event/organization and offer yourself as a pro-bono guest speaker on a topic that you are very familiar with. Public speaking increases credibility and visibility.  If you go in prepared, leads/prospects will follow.

* DO something to get your name in print.  Find a positive outlet of your professional skills and act on it. By the way, you don’t have to wait for someone else to tell the story.  You can issue your own news release via a blog, social media channel, or even a traditional press release. (Already have something planned? Promote, promote, promote.)

* Distribute business cards and flyers (or “books”.)  However, leaving stacks of advertisement materials is not enough. Try to engage in appropriate conversation as you hand out your materials. Be sure to point out your clearly marked contact information as you “close”.

I hope you found this quick list useful and inspiring.  What are some “fill the pipeline” strategies you use?  I welcome your comments and feedback.