Dealing with Death in the Family (Business)

What happens when your family business is impacted by the death of someone you ALL know and love?

Many small businesses and “sole” proprietorships are built and managed by the support of a family unit.  Even if the support is “unofficial”, I’ve found that there is often a behind-the-scenes, supporting cast of close friends and family members supporting the vision of any independent small business.  So what happens then, when every member of the team is simultaneously “struck” with grief?

I’m doing some reading as I look for an “answer” and it appears that the same “good advice” that steers businesses and independent professionals through other “tough to navigate terrain” works here, as well.  That advice?

Have a plan.

Even if your plan doesn’t roll out exactly as you pictured it, having a road map that was thoughtfully created in a less traumatic season will likely be a great help, in times where your mental clarity (and that of your family “support team”) may be slightly diminished.

Here are some articles I’m reading.  Do you have any recommendations? What has your experience been?


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