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A Resolutioner’s Reality Check: Part II

Okay, we’re here….right in the middle of 2011.  Are you making (have you made) the progress you intended? Have you shaken those habits that work against your professional goals? Are you increasing your bottom line while finding more time to give back to your family and community?

If so, carry on.

If not, now is a great time to evaluate your situation.  What are you struggling with? Did you give yourself a fighting chance by writing down your goals and establishing a plan, in the first place? What can you add/change/remove to help you refocus and blaze a trail through the second half of the year?

I challenge you to recommit and proactively purse the goals you linked to your new year’s resolutions.  Here are some tips (reminders) on how to get started:

  1. Write down your “pie in the sky” goals.  Brainstorm and dream big. This is what you will have or will do if you can “have it your way.”
  2. Set a measurable benchmark and a date (between now and the end of the year) related to your goal (i.e., three new clients by August 1, five paid speaking engagements by Labor Day, or $20,000 in new business by Thanksgiving).
  3. Identify roadblocks that have limited your progress so far. (Note: you don’t have to have all the “how to” answers right now, just create a list of “what is” and what you’d like do to about it.)
  4. Step back.  Perspective is everything.  Sometimes being too close or looking through the same “lens” all the time, can cloud your vision and even make you fearful of the necessary changes. Allow yourself time (not too much) to ponder your next steps.
  5. Step Up! You’ll probably find that a refreshed perspective also renews your confidence and that you already have the tools and resources you need, to get you where you want to be.
  6. The only thing left to do now, is take action. Set DAILY* action items that get you closer to accomplishing your measurable benchmark goals. (*After 30 days or so, if you are managing well with daily action items, you may want to expand your list to include weekly action items, as well.  Just remember to stay on course.)

Lastly, if your measurable goals are impacted by your marketing efforts, give me a call.  I help you learn how to create an endless stream of clients by implementing marketing strategies designed to suit your strengths and your

Go Get ‘Em!


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