“Mompreneur” To Be or Not To Be? (Update: Food For Thought)


According to this Forbes Magazine article, blogs that encourage women to focus only on themselves or other women with their marketing, outreach and professional development are:

  1. Limiting
  2. Hypocritical, and
  3. Have nothing to do with reality.


June 6, 2011

Are you a Mompreneur?

Let’s start with the definition.  Oh wait, there isn’t “one”.….

Online you’ll find variations of the obvious “a female Entrepreneur
who is also raising children” as women worldwide discuss their views of the
term.  You’ll also find (what you already know) that some women fully embrace and even build their brand around the term, while the opposite extreme (women who are appalled by the potentially discriminatory term) is equally expressed.

Here is my take:  I land somewhere in the middle leaning more toward the side that doesn’t much care for the term.  On one hand, I understand that in the best intended use, the term pays homage to the double (triple, quadruple, etc.) duty that Entrepreneurs, who are active Mothers, “play” and the increased value (maybe) of their success due to additional challenges they’ve had to overcome that may not be an issue to non-mothers.

But (even as I type) the above paragraph reads like a disability statement for an 8(a) application, and while I do fully encourage use of programs for which you qualify (this applies to all business owners…), I’m just not sure that I would choose to brand/promote myself with a term that categorizes me as an “Entrepreneur with challenges”.

After all, don’t we all have challenges that we must push through to be successful?  Should my husband be called a Dadpreneur? My colleague cares (full time) for her elderly grandmother while building a business. She doesn’t have children. What would we call her?

Get my point?  The slope is slippery and it gets messier the deeper you travel….

Clarity Note: I respect a woman’s right to choose. So, please don’t take offense from my perspective.  As a matter of fact, if you disagree with me….YOU are the one I want to hear from, so please everyone comment and tell me:

What about you? Are you a Momprenuer?


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