Guerrilla = Irresponsible? (2 Early 2012 Lessons on Marketing and Promotions)

So far this year, there have been two lessons (reminders) related to marketing and promotion…

1)      Know the company you keep.  Even the best good idea can be ruined by partnering (co-branding/cross-promoting) with the wrong group.  Take the time to take a peek (at least) at the full history of your potential partners.  This means you’ll have to see beyond what YOU want out of the deal and consider the full impact of your partnership. (An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…)

2)      Responsible marketing is a must.  You may be familiar with the encouragement to “Use your gifts for good.”  As we get better at inspiring others (customers/clients) to action (buying/selling/sharing/etc.), we must remember to send messages that are (1) authentic to what we say we represent as professionals and community members, and (2) are well-developed for the GOOD of those we are aiming to reach.

As professional and even “do-it yourself” media/marketing/promotion directors, you have to be ready to see the fruits of your labor manifest.  This means also considering the negative spins and implementations of your “good” ideas BEFOREHAND and evaluating the risk/reward ratio before moving forward.

Resist the temptation to make “budget-friendly” and “cutting-edge” (fast) marketing your goal and keep your eyes on the quality and integrity of your message.

Guerrilla does not mean…irresponsible.


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