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5 Basic Steps to Secure Paid Sponsorship for your Radio Show (or other multi-media series)

Step 1:

  • Plan your series. This is “Step one” for a reason. Sponsorship is not about dollars and cents, entirely. It’s about lending your (brand) name to trusted sources that will represent your company in a favorable light in association with a specific work. Plan your series before asking anyone to support it with their (brand) name or dollars.

For example: If you host a weekly show/series, and are seeking monthly sponsors, plan at least 3 months ahead. Today is June 2. Start with your July series. List the show/discussion/presentation topics, intended reference points (guiding principles to that frame your perspective and/or objective for the presentation), planned guest speakers, and other information that is specific and compelling.

  • Combine this information into a simple but attractive “sponsorship kit” that can be easily shared with your prospects. Don’t attempt to answer every likely question your prospects may have in this simple overview. Address the formal basics (including actual staring point pricing) and plan to negotiate (if applicable) in follow-up conversation.

Step 2, Part I:

  • Contact your prospective guest speakers/resident experts. Have a standard process by which guests are invited. Require confirmation of their participation at least two weeks from broadcast date and secure their materials/information for marketing the event. Be prepared to share this process with your sponsors to assure them of programming plans.

Step 2, Part II:

  • Contact (secure) your sponsors. Use your one page “sponsorship kit” (BlogTalkRadio offers a nice template to get your started. Check it out here.)  This step has several “mini-steps” and will require a concentrated effort. Let me know if you need help effectively mobilizing your marketing team of 1 to 100.

Step 3:

  • Advertise your series. This is an important element to your sponsors. Be prepared to discuss and implement a sound marketing/advertising strategy. In this capacity you are acting in the stead of your sponsors, ensuring that they are well-represented in affiliation with your show and that their sponsorship/involvement is made known to a large, but targeted, audience.

Step 4:

  • Host your show. There is no backing out now. Plan to proceed no matter what challenges you face. Develop and confirm back-up plans for all areas of “show management.”

Step 5:

  • Report. Depending on your topic and platform, your follow-up “report” may be delivered in any number of ways. Find one or several that fit your purpose and use it, well. Your ‘follow-up”/ “recap” will benefit: 1) your audience, 2) your sponsors (mention them with thanks and point audience to them for specific resources and services), and 3) your marketing.

…….WIN/WIN/WIN….. 🙂ThankYou_SPonsors


Quality counts. Take the time to develop your presentation with an authentic voice your own and practice your delivery. Early commitments of sponsorship may come based more on pre-existing relationships (This is good! Check out some basics for effective marketing, ) than immediately measurable ROI (Return on Investment) indicators of ROI but in order to keep them and expand your pool (profits) you’ll have to deliver a consistent and quality product.

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