#Coupon, #Content, or #Contest? (Tips on Deals and Promotions)

Tips for Offering “Deals and Promotions”

1) Set An Objective (Specific tasks related to selling products or promoting a cause)
  • Business to Customer    -> Offer Discount or Coupon Code
  • Business to Business      -> Offer Exclusive Content (White Paper)
  • Business to Non-Profit  -> Consider Running a Contest
2) Select the Right Offer
  • Seeking Revenue?           -> Try a Trackbable Coupon
  • Increasing Awareness?  -> Use a Fan Promotion on Facebook
Digital-Marketers-Take-Notice-Promotions-Discounts-and-Deals-Drive-Third-of-All-Annual-SMB-Sales-300x2303) Distribute, Promote, and Share
  • Use All Tools Available to You and Encourage Sharing
  • Every (re)Tweet, Share, Email or Blog Post is an Opportunity
  • Send Thank you Messages and Surveys, where appropriate
4) Check the Results (ConstantContact, my favorite tool, makes this really easy!)
  • Did the offer/promotion meet its objective?
  • Why? (high response from existing customers? strong referrals? well-timed offer? etc)
  • Why not? (failed to reach audience? wrong/no audience targeted? unrealistic expectations? etc)
  • Look for things to do better, either way.
  • Who took advantage of the offer? (Perfect audience for next offer and feedback requests)
5) Do It Again!
  • Try to plan a series and stick with it.
  • Include a common theme related to your campaign objective but vary the delivery (coupon first, then content, end with contest…?)
  • Encourage sharing, be original (geared toward client needs), and watch your stats for what works and what doesn’t

IMG_0821-1By the way, my name is Alexis J. Smith. I am a Certified ConstantContact Core Solutions Provider and Licensed GetClientsNow! Effective Marketing Coach. I’d be happy to help you further customize and implement an effective e-marketing campaign.  HireAlexis, when you’re ready!



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