“No gimmicks…just good ideas”

Alexis Smith & Next Generation Professional Services (ASmithNGPS) is a minority, woman-owned, sole-proprietorship based in Baltimore County, Maryland, specializing in the provision of high-end strategic business administration, innovative marketing, and event management services for independent contractors, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

Alexis J. Smith, Owner and Principal Strategic Consultant (with more than 15 years of business administration and marketing experience), has grown ASmithNGPS based on her reputation for successfully developing and implementing strategies that have propelled the visions of independent professionals and small businesses from “idea to reality.” To her coaching clients, Alexis brings a diverse variety of knowledge, tips, and techniques that enable them to move ahead toward goal achievement much more rapidly and with greater ease.

As a Licensed GetClientsNow! ™ Facilitator, Alexis helps professional women and men multiply their business through better understanding on how to effectively use marketing. Retainer clients benefit as well by coupling this expertise with more efficient, strategic project management to help transform the productivity of their business quickly.

To date, ASmithNGPS has successfully managed countless projects for more than 40 clients. Furthermore, an impressive percentage of these clients have come to trust and enjoy the stellar, forward-thinking, client-focused services of ASmithNGPS by way of referral from previous and returning “satisfied customers.”

Mrs. Smith has been recognized by the National Association of Professional and Executive Women as an up and coming leader in the Administrative Consulting field and maintains a virtual 100 percent satisfaction rate, resulting in the development of a solid professional network that includes industry leaders, service and product providers, as well as subject-matter experts across the country.




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