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How to Manage your Feedback Funnel (and increase clientele)

wordle-view-of-workshop-feedbackDo evaluations of your products, events and “presentations” get high ratings? Can you prove it? Specifically – do you have a “written” record of this positive feedback?

If you are a business or a non-profit organization, public and private agencies may rank you. If you are a consultant, the organizations you work with may have this data on record. However, in either case, unless you help create the evaluation tool and have open access to the results, you probably aren’t maximizing the benefit of client and participant feedback.

With Constant Contact’s online survey tool, you (or I) can design a survey campaign through email and social media to help you get that valuable feedback for your business.

Increase Your Clientele. Conduct A Survey.



Using Event Marketing to Turn Up the Heat

This Fall and Winter, we’ll know who “turned up the heat” on marketing this Summer.  Start now to fill your pipeline and drive meaningful results!

Consider “event marketing” to increase your visibility, credibility, and profits.

event marketing

“Events” may be easier to incorporate than you think. You should consider all of the following events for marketing purposes:

• Hosting Meetings
• Serving on Panels
• Making Presentations (In Person or Virtually)
• Conducting Workshops/Classes

When done right, events are one of the best ways to get people to take the next step from interacting with you on Facebook or reading your newsletters, to actually patronizing your business, joining your organization, or attending your event.

To create a successful event campaign, you need to come up with a strategy that incorporates your different marketing channels – like email, social media, mobile and web – so that you can promote your event, reach the right audience, and drive meaningful business results.

Step One: Establish a Constant Contact account. Set up your next event with an Event Promotion & Registration campaign. Create a custom registration form. Track registrations in real-time, process payments, and even promote your event with email and social media! (Call or email me if have any questions or want some help.)

“Return on Investment” for E-Newsletter Is Probably Greater Than You Thought!

CC- Newsletter ROIView Full Digital Flyer


Six Promotion Strategies, ONE Solution

CC- Six Strategies One Solution

Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas

One of my favorite online marketing resources to share is ConstantContact, so I was happy to see that ConstantContact CEO Gail Goodman has offered her expertise with Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas for Social Media” via a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article.  Below is a quick excerpt and the link to her full article.  Thank you, Gail.

From the full article: “In this age of hyper-speed marketing, it’s most likely time that you start adding ‘mini campaigns’ to your year-long marketing plans. Think of these as quick hits that fill in the gaps between your major marketing efforts. Here are six examples of ways to spice up your year-long marketing campaign without investing a lot of time and resources:”

1. Respond to Current Events — Engage customers over social media by sparking dialog around news or events that relate to your field or industry.

2. Introduce a New Product or Service — Enhancements to your business provide ample reasons to reach out to customers with mini marketing bursts.

3. Invite Customers to a Special Promotion, Demonstration or Event — You don’t have to plan months in advance to invite customers to a product demonstration, open house or another impromptu event.

4. Share a New Company or Customer Video — Producing video can be fun, easy and, most importantly, engaging.

5. Give Thanks in a Customer Appreciation Message — It never hurts to tell customers, “We just wanted to thank you.”

6. Offer a Free Report, Tips or Other Timely Information — You don’t always have to ask customers for their business. Sometimes, you’ll want to give back.


About the Author: Gail Goodman is the CEO of Constant Contact, a Web-based provider of email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and online survey tools for small businesses. She’s also a recognized small-business expert and speaker.